Emotional Growth Beside My Daughter

IPHONE PICS 1491I cannot count the number of times it has been commented to me by family and friends over the past 2 months how my 16 year old daughter has changed, how she has matured in this past year.  I see it too and I wonder what has transpired to cause it.  It’s a positive change.  Growth, security, beauty from within.  Fifteen to 16 is significant, though, I believe that her coming into an awareness that she is enough, is due to other factors.  Abraham Hicks suggests  “You never get it right, and you never get it done.” To me this means, enjoy the journey and the opportunity to step up to the new plateaus continuously being offered. Some people level off, some step down and others continue to climb.  I am so proud of her willingness to step up and climb.  I quietly IPHONE PICS 1648relate to her growth because I suspect that it parallels my own.  As tempted as I am to discuss this detail with her I try my best to refrain, as my attempt at deep conversation often interrupts her flow and I am learning that being an example is best for everyone in lieu of “preaching” my point.  Less talk, more example. More self truth invites others to seek a truth of their own instead of one that I may verbally insist upon.  I wonder if her growth is coincidental to mine?  I wonder how big a part chasing my own authenticity plays to her chasing her own and try to let those curiosities mesh with other adults for now. I wonder how much deciding to leave my husband, her father, has actually cleared the tension and provided her with the space for her to connect with a freer spirit? Despite the unsolicited input that my decision may have been a hasty one from way too many that I had previously relied upon, rather than the hand-holding support that I so desperately needed, perhaps this choice was not only productive for me, though for her as well.  Again, I desire to have IPHONE PICS 1650a conversation because my personality often likes the clarity open discussion brings. Until I remind myself that I am her mother and conversations with my children sometimes need to be handled more parentally than the other relationships in my life.  So I steer away from my quest to know and just humor myself with the curious swirl of possibilities in my head.  Until today.  My friends were having this discussion with Tariana about how she changed and became more mature and more accepting toward me as opposed to the obvious “edge” that she exhibited toward me a short while back. (Aunts and friends are great sources for clarifying in children the things that parents only sense.  Thank God for Sisters (in-laws) and friends!)  When asked about her disposition toward me she confidently replied “well I think she changed too”.  My suspicions became a little clearer as I smiled internally and stayed silent.  I knew, in this moment, that as difficult as my decisions have beIPHONE PICS 1270en in the past few years, that I was doing the next right thing to the best of my ability based on my own Guidence system and truth.  Doing so has been an unspoken invitation for the ones I am closest to do the same.  In the moment that Tariana answered the question, I knew that, I too, was enough.

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