Gray Skies at Gardiner

Sunrise today is noIPHONE PICS 1857t how it’s been. Two minutes past and the sky is gray; not bright and colorful as I’ve been experiencing so often.  This sky-scape captures it’s own magnificent beauty. I am appreciative of the feeling it has to offer. I love that I would not normally interpret this moment as beautiful though am grateful I am tuned in to this perspective now. I am surrounded by every shade of gray with hints of blue offering just enough hope. There is a calming suggestion of serenity coupled with an urging to surrender. Still, there is a certain sense that something is stirring.  This apparent dullness is anything but. I am reminded how important the grays are in my life.  Black-and-white is a path for the closed minded. I cherish my gray even with the threat of a storm coming in. I can anticipate the excitement of the changing sky and open my heart to whatever is about to come next. For now I can enjoy the energy of the water off the Great South Bay and the wind as it starts to escalatIPHONE PICS 1856e. I feel connected to the faith that these bigger forces offer a qualified conviction that the path of the future has been pre-paved. They behave like its par for the course, no hesitation, just focus and flow. I like having something bigger than me to believe in. To learn from. The sunrise has manifested it’s consistent energy despite the fact that I can’t see it.  I have faith that it’s there. Because I can feel, I can trust. I can breathe. I am grateful.


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