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Anxiety, Addiction & the Fear of Being Still

The truth is; I’m fucking terrified. Of being still. I work really hard at filling my moments with things that feel good. I’ve long since replaced the bad-for-me “feel good” things with things that I believe are good for me. Instead of mind altering and body numbing additives that attack my liver, and blood and […]

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Is Physical Exercise, Too, an Addiction?

  https://youtu.be/82Znw2UYH4c In her book “Women, Food and God” Geneen Roth points out “It’s not about the weight but it’s not not about the weight”. I can replace the word “weight” with quite a few others that challenge me to contemplate cause and effect. While my efforts at recovery over the years (mostly from food, though […]

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When to Duct Tape

My daughter is having ACL (knee) surgery so I am writing. I walked with her into the hospital early this morning fighting the demons that churn in my soul regarding not only my own unpleasant experience with ACL reconstruction but perhaps more intensely the return to this hospital where I spent so much time watching my […]

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