Unlocking Authenticity in a Quest to Free the Soul

When I was blog-name-contemplating I entered the surf, riding waves as I considered what combination of words to use for a title that could possibly summarize what I wanted to convey. Words like “Sunrise” held a lot. The powerful unfolding of a new day that could be portrayed in so mIPHONE PICS 1497any forms whether it be damp and gray or crystal clear and bright. It wasn’t everything though. “Unconditional” came close, because unconditional love is a magical answer to so many things if not everything, among a slew of other possible combinations. I became attached to the word “uncaged”. My older daughter is very insightful and good with words so I asked for her input. She explained it to me like this: “Uncaged” sounds harsh and animalistic. So if that’s how you want to come across maybe you should go that route.  “Unconditional” is gentler. She was giving me a clear and honest picture. I pondered for a bit and then I knew the reason for my attachment. When I was challenged to take a look at why I was attached to the word the answer came easily for me. “Uncaged” begs for freedom underneath all the layers it takes to get to the true meaning. Not always in an animalistic way but sometimes in a trembling, silent way. It means stepping out into a big unprotected world and being exposed to it’s elements. It’s ripping off a band-aid and not knowing the severity of the wound. It’s jumping from the ledge and not knowing where it ends, what you may land in, or if a parachute will open for you before you hit bottom.(And will your eyes be open or will you keep them shut tight?) It’s walking away from all the other prisoners and learning to adapt to the immensity of the Universe, and find a place that feels safe and connected, often with others who have chosen to leave their cage. The word appears fierce and aggressive, like an animal trying to escape. It’s not that at all though. Sometimes the animal is cowering in the corner of its cage clinging tightly to an old blanket that somebody tossed in there. The word is being stereotyped and judged for something it actually isn’t. I relate to that. Therefore, I am attached to it. As far as truth is concerned, well that’s just everything. That’s all there is and that’s all we have. In spite of the fact that we all have truth, few of us challenge the fear enough to examine the discomfort it can bring. We wrestle with it. We try endlessly to alter it. Others may create obstacles along the course toward being in touch with it. We may be ashamed of it. We blame others for it. We may try and dress it up to make ourselves look better. We are all human, however, and we all have it. And each of our truth’s are unique. There are no 2 the same. So rather than getting in the way of what our authenticity is, we can choose another way. Instead of wrestling perhaps we can learn to embrace. Maybe accepting can replace altering. Possibly we can exchange our challenges for opportunity and our shame for courage. We can own it and take responsibility. And perhaps we might get to the point where we are willing to take off our make up and expose ourselves to the vulnerability of it all, swim down the stream instead of against the current and learn to live fully.

Truth Uncaged.  Everything Free.  Not perfect, just as free as the spirit is intended to be.