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Letting Them Grow

I walked into the restroom at the rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike on my way down to Temple University so I can hold my daughter, Dreya’s, hand at the age of 18 when she got her wisdom tooth extracted. There was a little platinum blonde girl (as Dreya had been) at the sink washing […]

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Feeling Yucky at 9… or 49

Sometimes my little guy withdraws. If he is angry or annoyed or sad or experiencing anything beyond what most of us would describe as simple, unpleasant emotion he clams up and there is what feels to me like an impossible wall to penetrate. I keep trying. I keep hoping. It breaks my heart because, for […]

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The Letter Opener

I walked into work on Monday morning and sat at my desk.  Initially I was supposed to meet a friend for a hike though began feeling work remorse because I spent so little time here over the weekend.  As a retailer my presence is often required during the weekends.   During this time of year, however, […]

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