Category: Higher Power

When to Duct Tape

My daughter is having ACL (knee) surgery so I am writing. I walked with her into the hospital early this morning fighting the demons that churn in my soul regarding not only my own unpleasant experience with ACL reconstruction but perhaps more intensely the return to this hospital where I spent so much time watching my […]

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Heart Lake, Lake Placid, NY

The quiet.  Aligned in a grace that overwhelms my senses.  At peace.  With the thought of a nature I may have never known.  A world that exists beyond my awareness, though exists harmoniously, just the same. I feel safe. Taken care of. Trusting my source, if just for the moment.  I pause to feel my existence.  […]

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Go Forth Into the Fog

I am craving a beautiful sunrise.  Or at least a sunrise that I can witness.  Though I’m mostly a believer, sometimes my soul asks for proof.  A powerful sunrise offers that to me.  I’m not going to get that this morning and I’ll have to trust that I’ll find some other way.  When I wake up […]

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