Don’t Stop Believing, Covid-19

It is a new day in the world of Covid-19. The Universe has dealt us a hand and we get to choose which cards we want to play and which to discard. We have the freedom to decide.  We get to evaluate how we want to live in these times without the distractions that we believed were so pertinent 2 weeks ago. The world has gifted us with simplicity. It has stripped away the materialistic world and left us vulnerable to address what lies beneath all the layers. It is scary to be naked in front of the crowd – to have to face what we have been covering up with all those things we deemed important all this time. We get to see what lies beneath the armor now. We get to heal.

In between the tears, yesterday, I found the most amazing gifts.

On our return drive from an outing in the woods we stopped at a breathtaking overlook in the Catskills mountains – my love and 2 of our children. A group of young adults pulled in and emerged from the car parked  several yards away. We are in a time of questioning our physical space and we are called to be creative in figuring out how to connect with the boundaries that have been set before us.  Now, more than ever, it is a time to find that common thread in humanity. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to offer up a dance party. I asked for a request:

“Don’t Stop Believing” was so appropriately chosen by one of their tribe (I realized this about half way into it). The song blasted from the car as we sang loud and danced at a 15 foot distance, free of any prior inhibitors that we may have second-guessed a week ago. Alas, a moment of freedom and shared bliss.



I found another human connection last night when I stumbled upon a Zoom Cocktail party in progress with college friends (35 years later) as tears of silly laughter poured from our beings and through our screens – some showed up sober, some shared spirits, most showing some sign of silver roots in grunge clothes without makeup – all wearing a big heart for the gathering. On a more somber level I spent some time consoling some of those I love the most during moments of frozen fear; thoughts spiraling into an abyss of “what- if” scenario’s as if they were already upon us. We are all in different spaces. What we have is “now”, my darlings. We have been gifted with presence. We have been absolved of all the monotonous choices and left with the important ones. How do we want to spend “now”? For me, after socially distancing myself and following advised protocol, my desire is simply to connect. Connection to that which is bigger than us comes first. Meditation. Nature. Prayer, for some. Stillness and silence guides us to stop the think tanks that threaten our peace and provide us with the clarity to make meaningful decisions. It allows us to quiet the myriad of media overload that threatens our sanity, and teaches us to embrace the gifts that dance gracefully before us, inviting us to join. If our egos and thoughts are caught up in the turbulent waters, we will miss them. I challenge you all to choose  gratitude today in lieu of fear.  Silence your TV’s and devices and write a thank you letter to your mother whether she is living or not. Whether you have forgiven her yet or not. Notice a marking on your child or your pet that you have never seen before. Turn your listening to a different frequency and be amazed at what you hear. Let yourself be seen – unclothed, afraid and human. Embrace the offering. It is time to silence the noise, connect with the spirit and know.

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