Walking Through the Fire

I have been walking through a multiple alarm fire.  It feels like hard stuff. My fear has tempted me to hide under the bed and endure a little more smoke. At least I could crawl up in a ball there and feel safe. My higher power has encouraged me to challenge the flames and focus on getting out of the burning building. Some doors that I open hit me with a backdraft so intense that I wonder whether I can survive it.  I am learning to feel the doors before I open them. If they are too hot, I try another door. As much as I want to extricate, I realize that there are valuable lessons right in the middle of the smoke. I am learning to create buffer zones as I make my way to safety so that I can just breathe for a few moments before moving on. There are still obstacles and this is part of my training. As much as I’d like to remain in the illusion of safety coiled under my bed, waiting to be rescued is futile. I cannot be seen under there. It’s up to me to clear what I can and be as visible as I can if someone is to find me; if I am to find myself. I am responsible for my part. Even though burns can leave scars, the pain will eventually subside. The scars are there to remind me what I have been through. The healing is there to show me I can come through it; scathed and beautiful and all.

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