The Queen and the Pawn

I was playing chess with Caleb the other day. It’s been a while. I had to brush up on some rules and we helped each other along the way.  I studied the players; their power; their worth. What has stuck with me over the last few days is Caleb’s question: “Isn’t it possible to get your Queen back if she has been taken?”  “Yes Caleb. That’s absolutely true.”  It is at this time that I am once again reminded that all of the players have worth. It is the pawn, with its limited moves, that has the power to replace itself with the Queen. The Queen cannot do that. Though she has powerful moves unlike any other, it is the pawn that works hard.  It is the pawn that navigates and overcomes obstacles. It is the pawn who figures out solutions and how to get to the other side up against forces that are greater. It is the pawn that needs to form alliances and decide who to trust. And if she persists, she gets to trade up and reap the rewards. Overcoming the obstacles on the way to the other side, the pawn gets a chance to reflect and decide who she wants to become.  When she reaches her edge, she can choose any player. She brings along with her the integrity and wisdom that she has accumulated along the way. She gets to keep all of that wisdom as she makes the transformation into the rook; or the knight; or even the Queen. On days like today, when I start out feeling like a pawn thinking of what I have sacrificed, I remember that I am transforming. It is my journey. I choose my course. I overcome my obstacles.  Sometimes I get stuck. When it gets tough I turn to my army of alliances. We all have different strengths and we can lean on those strengths in order to make it through. I am grateful to be a pawn on my way to discovering more. Every square that I occupy affords me an opportunity to discover and anticipate my next move with new perspective. As I progress through the ranks I move closer and closer to becoming the me of whomever I choose.

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