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My Thriving Plant

My plant is thriving. Nearly 3 years later. The plant had been given to me by my 2 closest friends. They were (still are) married to each other.  They were my anchors in my greatest times of need. The plant was a gesture of kind wishes as my marriage came to a close and my […]

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Take Action or Surrender (Which is it?)

I have this mild debate with my friend Bonnie from time to time. The conversation is so respectful that if you weren’t really paying attention, you probably would never notice it was a debate. I was thinking about it right before I received and read a quote from Abraham Hicks. “Your action has nothing to do […]

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I Am a Rock (But What is Inside?)

My friend and I used to have this discussion about how we were often referred to as rocks as in: “a rock”.  That context brings about an image of being tough, unpenetratable, able to deflect hard things without feeling them.  Paul Simon also pairs that image with being “an island”.  I have been both of these […]

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