Category: Emotion

A Heavy and Knowing Heart

The silence is screaming in my head. My deeper truth knows it’s okay. My presentable self is deciding whether or not I am being honest. I wonder if I am really accepting the approaching marriage of my ex-husband, tomorrow,  to another woman or whether I am suppressing emotions that I am afraid will surface. I’m […]

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Binging to Avoid Emotion

After about 2 hours of what I tried convincing myself would be my last binge (again) I came up from my 2nd bowl of granola for air. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken part in this section of my disease and my ego attempts to reason with my intellect by pointing out that it’s a […]

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Leaping and Feeling the Pain

As I drive up to mom,s condo I sense the denial of what inevitably is to come and tears simply start to flow.  As it has been, I make my way through the front door and feel numb.  I want to numb more.  I collapse on the bathroom floor, a grown woman feeling like a child.  I […]

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