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Questioning, Questioning. Death and Rebirth. People and Things.

How much validation is there in the Christian practice that seeing the dead body helps to obtain closure? Do the Jews get over it much more slowly than those that have the ritual of an open casket? If so, I think I’m ready to see it, the dead body. (I don’t really want to see it.) But […]

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Leaping and Feeling the Pain

As I drive up to mom,s condo I sense the denial of what inevitably is to come and tears simply start to flow.  As it has been, I make my way through the front door and feel numb.  I want to numb more.  I collapse on the bathroom floor, a grown woman feeling like a child.  I […]

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Using a Cold Pile of Snow to Feel

It’s just taken over me.  An intense shot of adrenaline stepped into my wake and created waves of my emotions.  They are screaming “pay attention, don’t you see you’re avoiding me?”  It is the voice of my almost-adult challenging my troubled child to to face the unpleasant feelings. (Okay, maybe it’s more like anxiety or fear though adrenaline sounds so […]

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