The Magical Smell of Birth!

I love the smell of birth!  It’s been over 9 years since I delivered my last child and I can still, when I close my eyes, bring the smell to my senses. There’s nothing sweet or fragrant about it. However, it’s the only thing that smells like it. I have had the amazing fortune of birthing the last 2 of my 4 children in my home surrounded by the love and comfort of family. In the confines of home the smell not only magnifies but lingers. Soaking in the arrival of an innocent and pure life is like a stamp that imprints eIMG_4844ach frame like an animated story board.  It details every move, every expression and then moves to the next frame capturing each millisecond frozen in time. For me, each contraction holds an image: where I was; how I felt; who I was with; my surroundings and what my unborn child might be experiencing from my inside.  As the progression occurred and I moved into a different stage, the universe seemed to offer a different perspective more intense than anything I had ever before experienced. Another dimension, another plane. My entire being in an out of mind and body experience, floating and consumed by the intensity of what was occurring. In the arrival stage; the welcoming stage; there are very few words. The most innocent and pure entry of a life handed to me, separate from me though literally still attached. Until the cord is cut. Setting this soul on its journey and being able to still feel that attachment is incredible. And then that smell, that unmistakIMG_4845able smell; that is neither sweet nor aromatic, but that just divinely says “birth!”. The essence that clarifies with all certainty that a new life has emerged.  A beginning. An open slate ready to be written upon that for now is as unaltered and as perfect as it will ever be. A magical event that I have had the incredible fortune of playing a role in.

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