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Inner Truth Trumps Fear, Every Time

I have become entranced by the propeller that sits idle just outside my window. It works its way into a crescendo rotating into a magical Spin Art image that brings me back to a memory of my son at the age of 6; squeezing paint in different colors onto a spinning cardboard canvas. I am […]

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Christmas Day Uncaged

  I’m amazed! There is a world that exists on Christmas Day beyond the one that I’ve always known. As I run through the trails today it reminds me of how I felt when I stopped drinking alcohol. When I quit alcohol I so clearly remember being shocked that there were actually people who did […]

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Drum Circle, Full Moon, Cathedral Rock, AZ

From a short distance away I listen to the drummers orchestrating a beat as the full moon reveals itself to Cathedral Rock, one of the infamous vortexes in Sedona, AZ.  I have been led here in spite of those that indicated that the drum circle doesn’t happen here at this time of year.  Either way I […]

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