Drum Circle, Full Moon, Cathedral Rock, AZ

From a short distance away I listen to the drummers orchestrating a beat as the full moon reveals itself to Cathedral Rock, one of the infamous vortexes in Sedona, AZ. IPHONE PICS 2448 I have been led here in spite of those that indicated that the drum circle doesn’t happen here at this time of year.  Either way I have trusted that I would receive what I was meant to. I am in the receiving mode.  By myself,  though not alone.  The Universe is extending Her gifts to me simply because I have become open to accept them.  They are always here, Her gifts.  I am not always aligned enough to welcome them.  My work is simple.  It is to take the time to connect.  To appreciate.  To go inward and feel the oneness that I believe we all are.  To know it from the soul rather than force it from the head. She has my back, the universe.  The energy is penetrating as the sun descends and gives way to the stars.  The incredible, illuminated stars.  I spy one shooting across the sky and the vision boosts my spirit sending me a message that those who are not physically present with me are still a part of me.  Fear distances itself even though it is dark and I am in an unknown place on a trail and I will have to find my way back to the car on an unlit path.  I trust.  That trust has made all the difference. It has re-positioned my connectivity and moved my pawn from a place of uncertainty to a place of knowing.  I notice a thought passing by that cautions me about it’s re-entry into my overactive head. There is not currently a place for that thought to rest, however, and I stay with the present.  I am enough right now.  I rise from my rock to sway with the drummers, in my own place just soaking it all in.  I sit back down, returning to the chill that the rock is holding, allowing it to seep as deeply as I possibly can.  Eventually I begin the journey back to the car.  I remember there is a light on my phone and it helps guide me. Though I notice the biggest Guidence comes from my decision to trust.  When head enters and threatens doubt, everything changes.  Everything feels different.  I want to stay in my knowing so I simply ignore the attached vessel that lies above my shoulders and return back to my soul by glancing higher beyond it or breathing deep within.  I am wrapped in the arms of what is so much bigger and it is here that nourishes my truth.

Full Moon Rising, Cathedral Rock

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