“Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac; Meaning Explored

Last night I heard a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy” sung by Katie Basden on the tv show “The Voice” that stoked me to tears.  (I know. I know. That doesn’t take much these days, but still.)  I interpreted (actually, I felt) those lyrics on a level that I haven’t quite received in this capacity before.  My son and I watch the show as a ritual.  It’s special for me because we both equally love it and it’s the first time that I have ever had this tv show watching ritual with any of my children.  I love the positive input that takes place on The Voice.  I love watching how the performers are moved and filled with self confidence as a result of it.  It’s amazing to see constructive reinforcement in action.  It’s glorious to witness fears slip away and nerves become replaced with passion.  I like to see how true identities take the place of imposters.  It’s proof that positive energy works.  I love sharing that energy with my son.  After the show, the “Gypsy” performance stayed with me.  I wanted more understanding.  More exploration.  I googled song meanings and read some clarifications.  Nothing hit me as strongly as my own interpretation.  Regardless of whether or not Stevie Nicks would agree I would have to sum it up as the powerful reemergence of Her truth.  She’s “…back to the velvet underground, back to the floor that (she) love(s)”.  She has returned back to her being. To a place of love and connection where “some lace and papers flowers” exemplifies just how intense and organic simplicity can be.  “And it all comes down to you”.  How powerful is that?!!  Every single emotion, event, choice always comes down to you and how you perceive it.  That is the only person we have the power to change.  There is only frustration in trying to alter the behavior of others.  Expectation. Judgement. Resentment.  “And it all comes down to you, you know it does”.  And somewhere deep inside, if we are courageous enough to keep digging I believe we do instinctually know this.  And that “…gypsy that remains”.  The one that was there the whole time, but may have gone off course for a bit, “she faces freedom” (finally) “with a little fear”.  And you know, she found that fear is not a death sentence.  It’s scary, though not as scary as she once thought. And eventually… “Well I have no fear, I have only love”.  And although that does not appear evident all of the time, it is the ultimate truth.  And that is the purpose of the journey.  “And if I was a child” (and oh, I am a child) I so am my child so often, resorting to survival trying to listen and believe the grown up version of that child validate her and tell her that she is enough.  That she is special, and worth it and not a mistake. “And the child was enough.”  (Omg. I’m losing it now, letting it go, because how intense is that?) “Enough for me to love.  Enough to love”.  Yes.  That child, too, is becoming free.  She is feeling lighter and more accepted.  So much so that she is no longer hiding and cowering and burying herself in the practice of numbing in whatever form that might be.  In fact she is “Dancing”.  Do you believe she is dancing?  “…away from you now”.  Free in her spirit to be herself. “She was just a wish”. And wishes do come true if you believe enough. “Lightning strikes, maybe once…” The odds of that are just short of miraculous.  Miracles do happen with faith, however. “…maybe twice.”  (Twice? Can that actually happen?)  “…and it all comes down to you”.

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